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New Update in Lifestyle Segment Expectations and Trends

MissionInsite has just released a new update from Mosaic about lifestyle expectations. The number and names of segments remains the same, but there are some changes relevant to spiritual leaders.

Author: Tom Bandy
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2017 Stress Management and Extreme Leaders

Part 3 of 3: In challenging times, extreme leaders emerge. But they sustain credibility and manage stress in different ways.

Author: Tom Bandy

At present, Americans (and citizens of other countries) are disillusioned with traditional politics and traditional churches ... the same old power groups, the same old denominations, the same old institutions ... that have failed to achieve the goals of boomers, resolve the traps of busters, and fulfill the dreams of millennials. So they turn to Extreme Leaders. Some are flaky, but some are credible, and it is hard to tell the difference ... until you see how they manage stress.

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