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The Postmodern Flaw in the Theology of Love

The classic interpretation of Paul's dictum ("So there are faith, hope and love... but the greatest of these is love") is that a theology of love is primary, and faith and hope flow from the experience of love. But for postmodern people, love is either absent, fleeting, or unobtainable. So in postmodern context, hope is primary. First we must have a theology of hope, and then faith and love will flow from that.

Author: Tom Bandy
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Discipler and Guru

The emerging spiritual leader in the postmodern world is the Life Coach or Guru. This is often a step further beyond the Faith Tutor or Discipler. How are they different?

Author: Tom Bandy
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Q/A: But isn't GREAT preaching still relevant?

The problem with preaching is not just skill or media or whatever. It's deeper than that. The relevancy or irrelevancy of preaching does not depend on the presentation, nor even the point or message. It is about the "script" or hidden assumptions that lies behind it. In our fragmented world, postmoderns listen are turned off because they discern biases and worldviews that are foreign to their indigenous culture or lifestyle.

Author: Tom Bandy
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