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The Postmodern Flaw in the Theology of Love

The classic interpretation of Paul's dictum ("So there are faith, hope and love... but the greatest of these is love") is that a theology of love is primary, and faith and hope flow from the experience of love. But for postmodern people, love is either absent, fleeting, or unobtainable. So in postmodern context, hope is primary. First we must have a theology of hope, and then faith and love will flow from that.

Author: Tom Bandy
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Q/A: Can political leaders be spiritual leaders?

Many political leaders have a charisma that is beyond logic, and which is often more influential than their actual policies. So in what sense can political leaders represent spiritual authority?

Author: Tom Bandy

Despite the charisma of political leaders, Biblical people were right in separating political and spiritual leadership. The insights of Paul Tillich from the 1930's and 40's are relevant today. It explains the gap between unrealistic expectation and angry disappointment that experienced in just a single year or two for a new incumbent for political office. Political leaders are not ... and cannot ... be spiritual leaders. And it is a mistake often made when society lacks spiritual depth.

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Why So Negative?

Author: Tom Bandy


Spiritual quest is driven by existential anxiety. Spiritual dialogue begins "negatively", but ends "positively" as it results in hope.

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