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Anger Management and Constant Leaders

Author: Tom Bandy

Anger management is one of the biggest challenges for traditional clergy (Constant Visitors, Constant Gardeners, Constant Builders). The inability to manage their inner rage is the primary reason they go pass out or drop out as spiritual leaders.

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Telltale Signs of Constant Leadership

The "Constant Leaders" are the more traditional, Christendom leaders, and they tend to evolve as the clergy career unfolds. The challenge is that they were raised, trained, deployed, and rewarded to behave this way ... and its a difficult habit to break in the post-Christendom world.

Author: Tom Bandy


There is good news and bad news in the behavior of Constant Leaders. Certainly the good news is that there are still lifestyle segments that value their leadership and benefit from their courage. Unfortunately, many of those lifestyle segments are aging and declining. Many clergy like to think they have shaken the habits of Constant Leadership. But have they? Have you?

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